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It's Time To Crack The Whip On "Sir John" And Co.

 The Supreme Court is not a soccer stadium where coaches and players alike have to endure ninety minutes of boos, catcalls and insults from fans as well as scathing and controversial post-game comments from pundits and the media. The petition hearing at the court presently is not a matter to be toyed with. In fact, the peaceful co-existence of Ghanaians, regardless of political affiliation hinges on the outcome of this petition - or better still, it hinges on how the credibility of the panel is perceived by Ghanaians.

Tsikata: A Perfect Definition of God’s Servant On Earth

 By Diboriyom Kasim Hassan

Loud-Mouthed Unapologetic Ken Kuranchie Goes In

 By Nana Akua Tweneboah-Koduah

Re-Run Of 2012 Polls Very Unlikely!

 By Nana Akua Tweneboah-Koduah

What At All Is Philip Addison Fishing For?

 Ask Nana Akua Tweneboah-Koduah

Supreme Court judges are being hypocritical and selective - Awuku

 Deputy Director of Communications for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Sammy Awuku, has described the Supreme Court’s warning to the media and party representatives in the ongoing election petition as “hypocritical and selective”.

Ghanaian Citizenship

 The following opinion article was published on Ghanaweb on Thursday, June 20, 2013 under the Title; "Is there a lawyer in the house, help me out." Because of the importance of the subject and based on the responses when it was first published, I decided to resubmit it under a different title and hope that Ghanaweb will publish it again. If you read the article when it was first published, nothing has changed. What follows is the same as it appeared the first time, so here we go.

COMMENT: Galamsey operators depleting Amenfi West Forest Reserves

 Amenfi West Forest ReservesGalamsey mining is on the rise in Juabo, Sarah and Ayim, all in the Amenfi West District of the Western region, and, this could heavily deplete the forest reserve in the area if something is not done immediately to arrest the situation.

The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, the Forestry Commission, Security Services and other state agencies charged to monitor and arrest the situation are sitting unconcerned and/or refusing to act.
Investigations conducted by this reporter have found that some of these illegal miners are operating in the know of some of these officials charged to monitor and arrest the situation, thus making a mockery of the call by the president for their immediate crackdown.

GhCode - Postal Code System For Ghana


The birth of a postcode system in Ghana Urban GeoVizual Solutions (UGS), a new GIS and Urban Planning Consultancy based in Accra, is launching GhCode. GhCode is a postcode system, which has been developed to suit the uniqueness, form, dynamics and complexities of Ghana’s cities and towns. The inventor, Anthony Tuffour (CEO of UGS), is a GIS practitioner and Urban Planner with over 10 years experience.

Christians are the Epitome of Hypocrisy, Research Shows

 A quick survey recently carried out by a team of two Ghanaian researchers has revealed that most contemporary Ghanaians, Nigerians and possibly Africans, go to church primarily for immediate economic prosperity and the attainment of other earthly desires, and not future heavenly reward or eternal salvation, as society is made to believe.

NPP Puts The Cart Before The Horse

 By Margaret Jackson

NPP Usurps The Powers Of The Supreme Court

 The NPP are at it again! They are always looking for loopholes to penetrate! 

Let Us Change Our Frame of Conversation on Africa - President Mahama

 The President of the republic of Ghana, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama has 

Accra Airport City on the fast lane

 Marina Mall, Vodafone Office and the UT Bank along the Airport City road

Marina Mall, Vodafone Office and the UT Bank along the Airport City road

NPP Kick Against Print-Outs From Biometric Voting Device

 By Nana Akua Tweneboah-Koduah

NPP’s agenda to let Ghana be an ungovernable country

 The Media Analyst Group (MAG) has observed that the NPP as a mischievous political group in Ghana has decided to make Ghana as a country ungovernable as far as they are not clothed with power. MAG would like to cast the minds of all well-meaning and peace loving Ghanaians back to before the 2012 general elections in Ghana. It will be recalled that before the 2012 elections certain strange statement were made by some leading members of the NPP and notable amongst these statements are:


On this occasion of June 4, I salute all my fellow Cadres and all those who have held on to the spirit of the revolution: probity, integrity, accountability and social justice. The June 4 Revolution, irrespective of how you view it, gave hope to our country Ghana and its institutions at the time. Patriotisms, devotion and commitment were the virtues exhibited men and women that eventually changed the course of our country.

Opinion: NPP vrs Wereko-Brobby Crisis-We are seeing a worrying pattern of intolerance within NPP

 The controversy trailing Dr. Wereko-Brobby’s war of words with NPP party loyalists and leaders since he publicly condemned its decision to protest the election of John Mahama at the Supreme Court continues to rage on.

Wereko Brobby Creates Serious Panic Within NPP

 At a time that the leadership of the NPP are seeing their bogus petition slipping through their hands, the least they expect from one of their own is for the person to say something that seriously puts the party’s claim or credibility on the on-going Supreme Court (SC) petition into serious doubt.

Opinion: The arrogance of the all-knowing NPP again shows up in Court

 Many Ghanaians who have been following the Supreme Court petition challenging the legitimacy of the 2012 Election results which was soundly won by President John Mahama, are saying that perhaps if the elite NPP leadership has taken the pains to shed their all-knowing attitude and learnt the basics of the electoral laws, they will not be in the mess they find themselves today.

NPP Objections, Obscurantism, Obstruction ...

 .... And Obfuscation Of Justice!

Afari Gyan Nails The NPP

 On False Claims Of Voters Abroad

COMMENT: Frustrated Akufo-Addo insults Philip Addison

Nana Addo Finger If the NPP General Secretary, Mr Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie knew of the painful frustration that Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the first petitioner in the on-going Supreme Court (SC) challenge of the 2012 Presidential Election results went through and how he reacted in court on Wednesday May 29, he will never have waved his blue handkerchief when the case was adjourned.

Lawyer Addison is overpriced!

Post Purchase Dissonance is a bad feeling of deep regret after you have paid expensively for a product or service - and later realised that it is worthless or faulty or complete waste.


 Latest reports that the total number of pink sheets counted by KPMG is almost 1400 instead of 11842 or less raises serious questions about the integrity of our judicial system and makes the counting of judges' copies of pink sheets in evidence before the Supreme Court necessary.

Gloria Akuffo: Cut The Comic And Concentrate On Case

 By Nana Akua Tweneboah-Koduah

EC Has Checks Against Electoral Fraud

 By Nana Kow Blankson

Can Nana Addo rescue his sinking integrity?

 Deeds, acts as well as contributions of individuals are highly indelible that they leave even centuries after an individual death. Be it [Those deeds, acts and contributions] good or bad, we will all be remembered as such. It is however important to note that, an individual societal statue determines how long his or her name will remain in the lips of the living.

Who Bloated Pink Sheets At Supreme Court

 Catch Thief! …Who Bloated Pink Sheets At Supreme Court 

There was never over-voting in the 2012 elections – Asiedu Nketia

 The General Secretary of the governing National Democratic Congress, Mr. Johnson Asiedu Nketia has denied allegations that there was over-voting at some polling stations in the country during the 2012 general elections.