Government displeased with obscenity in the media

A Deputy Minister for Information, Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa on Friday expressed government’s worry on the seeming upsurge in obscenity and pornography in the Ghanaian media.
He has therefore called on the National Media Commission (NMC) as a matter of urgency, to come up with pragmatic and systematic solutions to stem the tide.
“We have observed with disgust the rise in print publications which carry nude pictures and which are made available on the various newsstands on a daily basis and which are also exposed to minors”, he complained.
He also emphasized on the unrated music videos which are aired at all times of the day on television stations and which contains scenes which are most unacceptable to the general public.
The Minister expressed regret about the disturbing trend of proliferation of radio sex programmes which are most explicit and repulsive and expressed the view that merely airing the programmes at night does not mean there should be no care about the kind of details such programmes churn out.
He cautioned the media to take cognizance of the modern reality of many portable devices including cell phones which have radio options and should not assume that once parents have guaranteed their children are not by the radio, then all is well.
According to him, the assumption that parents are always with their children should not be entertained and urged the NMC to establish some clear parameters for such programmes and ensure strict enforcement.
The minister commended the NMC for the efforts it is making to carry out its mandate despite the obvious constrains and expressed hope in the Commission’s capacity to help in the matter.