NPP needs to stop their act of Constitutional Vandalism.

 Am I missing something in our politics? Since the advent of the 4th Republican Constitution, if my memory serves me right, I can't remember  any major issue where all the  parties particularly NDC and NPP had reached a consensus. So I find it difficult to comprehend the call for a consensus building or broader consultation of all stakeholders in the appointment of a new  EC Chairman to replace Dr Afari Gyan.

Article 70(2) of the Constitution has vested the power to appoint EC chairman, his deputies and other members of EC in the President and he executes these powers in consultation with the Council of State. The Council of State is composed of distinguished men and women from diverse backgrounds and will in no doubt undertake due diligence on the backgrounds of candidates before advising the President on who he should appoint as the new Chairman for EC.

The architects of the 1992 Constitution were minded by partisan nature of our politics which pre dates our independence, that was why they gave certain powers to The President. If we were to allow consensus building in the appointment of new Chairman for EC , I can confidently and safely tell you, the 2016 elections will be over and we will still be building consensus and consulting.

Besides, you don't  change rules of a game or change goal post during a match, If any group(s) is/are  unhappy with the  procedures for the appointment of members of EC, I would like to advice them to submit their proposals to Parliament or Constitutional Review Commission  for the amendment  of article 70(2) of the Constitution and stop this act of constitutional vandalism.