The Significance of UK's Political Dynamics to Politics in Ghana

 The opinion polls for next Thursday's UK general elections are indicating a hung parliament, in other words no party can win clear majority to form a government on its own. The Scottish National party(SNP) had made it clear they will never enter into any form of alliance or coalition with the Conservative party because of their ideological differences, but they will consider entering into alliance or collaboration with the Labour Party,  if the terms are good. The Labour party knows a deal with the Scottish National party will guarantee Ed Miliband the key to 10 Downing Street or Prime Minister position. Interestingly, at Party Leaders Questions Time, the Labour Party's leader, Hon. Ed Miliband reiterated that he would not share power with Scottish National Party -even if it meant giving up the chance to become the Prime Minister. I totally  support Hon. Miliband's stand and I will be voting  for the Labour Party next Thursday.  Why is Ed Miliband refusing to enter into alliance with SNP ? I think it has to do with what is happening to the Liberal Democrats: In 2010 the Liberal Democratic Party put aside their ideological differences with the Tories and entered into coalition with the Tories. The Liberal democrats are today paying for their actions and if the polls are replicated at next Thursday's elections , then the Liberal Democrats could be wiped off the political map of the UK.

What is the significance of UK's political dynamics to politics in Ghana? There are two main political ideologies: Capitalist and social democracy or Right and left. These days we have Centre Right or Centre left whatever.  In Ghana, all the registered political parties, with the exception of NPP are socialist oriented and history has shown that the Danquah-Busia(Dombo) tradition has never won election in Ghana without either destroying or with the support of the minority  socialist parities. In 2000, when the smaller socialist parties: PNC and CPP supported the NPP to win power, what happened or is happening  to these smaller socialist parties ? Of course in politics, at times political parties needs enter into alliances, but I think such alliances must be based on ideological similarities and not just a marriage of convenience because someone wants to become President at all cost. In 2008. When NDC won majority seats, but failed to win presidential election and we were heading for runoff, Nana Akuffo Addo was asked if he wins the runoff, how he will govern with NDC controlling Parliament ?  And he said he will work with other smaller parties. Which of the smaller parties?, as none of them are capitalist inclined.