This has been a cause of worry for me as an individual and a democrat who understands that elections are one of the major ways to define democracy.

Whatever happens at the elections are meant to bring development and security to the people.
On the basis of ideologies,  political parties and individuals fight for political power just with the hope of winning and implementing plans and programs as well as policies for the benefit of the people.
In the end,  the people affirm their choices and all election-driven motivations must end for the advancement of the interest of the larger  society.
My worry as a Ghanaian has been that, it has become difficult to distinguish between an election year and a period for serious governance issues geared towards development.
What makes it even surprising is the fact that we claim to have studied models in existence.  Instead of learning the advanced ways of their politics, we have decided to learn that which they had started over two hundred years ago.
Having studied a model that existed for over two years, it  is expected that we would get our foundation right and avoid the mistakes they made in their long standing practicing of democracy.
The United Kingdom a couple of days ago, had just concluded a major elections that nearly missed my attention. Indeed, I was at a lost when I was virtually reminded that the Kingdom was going through elections on that day. The constant acrimony that characterizes our elections in Ghana were virtually lost. 
Perhaps because the contestants understand that elections are a vehicle to a destination. Once the people's aspirations and desires are those being sought to be advanced,  they understood there was no need endangering the same lives.
Somewhere in 2009, at least moments after the late President Mills was sworn into office, the opposition declared they were beginning their campaign on that day.  According to them, the next elections starts as soon as one is over.
That said, it is interesting to note that the mantra had changed from "stop thinking of the next elections" to "begin thinking of the next generation" . A clear departure from the positions held as at 2009.
Elected governments have a mandate to the people spanning a period after which fresh elections are conducted. The opposition has a vacuum within which to operate to credit or discredit the government with the latter being the best exhibited in Ghana by the opposition. 
Within such instances, governments have the free hand to work to meet its promises to the people.  While at that, aside the fact that opposition must position itself to win the next possible elections, they could draft their policies and programs sitting behind since they have that luxury of doing so. 
Programs could be criticized with alternative solution provision just for the good of the people. Yet, that appears to be relegated to the background by what we have in this country.
There is comfort in criticism and opposition to every and anything the government comes up with, except to suggest better alternatives. 
Meanwhile, in the models we referred to as one of best practice, their practices are in sharp contrast to ours. They come together when the need arises. The overall livelihood of their citizens overshadows the interest of their respective political parties including winning power.
If we must achieve the best in our democracy as a nation, we must learn to draw the line. We must decide to relax our partisan political activities moments after elections. We must decide when would be appropriate to resume political activities as a means to capture political power somewhere in an election year.
This would break the divisions that arises as a result of partisan political activities. National development would become paramount to all of us. At least this is what is done in the models we have copied and are practicing. Its beautiful parts, we have ignored and rather adopted and probably added confusion to the model we exhibit. 
Winning electoral power and the mandate of the people at least has been proven not to depend on the number of years one has campaigned.  The little over forty days of camping by the John Mahama's  2012 campaign team,  goes to prove this point. What matters most is the effectiveness of the team one puts together during election period.
That said, the electorates have become more sophisticated than before. Once a message is delivered to them, they go further to authenticate the information given to them. Their decision to swallow such information depends on the extent to which they have been convinced as representing the truth.
That aside, people vote on the basis of their interest. Segregated politicking and policy direction is better than an omnibus campaign and policy. The needs of people in the cities would not necessarily be those of my people living in the rural areas. 
Any political group that defines a message that reflects contrary to what is on the ground would definitely not make it pass the required votes to form government. The group hailing and welcoming a message designed by them is not an indication that the masses have accepted it. The best policy that becomes acceptable by the people is that which comes from them. If the electorates are involved in formulating a policy, it becomes their policy and would rally around it.
Certain decisions by government may be unpleasant but necessary. It requires only tough governments to dump the desperation to win power to the need to develop a country. When opposition threatens a government in power,  decisions that are taken are geared towards winning elections. This may lead a nation to collapse eventually.
We are gradually moving from that period of fear to a period of boldness. I would applaud a government that would take the bull by the horn and do the right thing and proceed to lose the next election than one that would pretend to be working just to win the elections and face a tougher economic challenge thereafter. 
Let us come together as a people and agree on what we want.  Once we cut part of our cake, it gets smaller. If we would want to know how it got smaller as we cut and eat, we may lay open our stomachs so we can see where we were stocking the depreciating cake. 
I salute you all fellow Ghanaians.
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