With a heavy heart, I put this piece together, a piece after my last week's article under the heading "after politics, what next for a country?".

It appears even before I could drop my pen, a strong storm was blowing in the Upper East Region of the New Patriotic Party (NPP). The effects of the barbaric acts exhibited by the NPP had resulted in the death of the Upper East Regional Chairman of the party Mr. Adams Mahama.
What at all could be heavier than the mouth addressing, such that violence had become the only option at resolving such issues?
Violence in political parties must be condemnable no matter the magnitude of that violence.  Even at times that no one is hurt, so long as violence does not promote public unity, it must be condemned.
As a young man growing up, following the discourse in our political sphere, people are eulogized for their dedications to their parties. Most of those sighted are those who have passed on to glory.
We were told those individuals fought for democracy for this country. Now that that democracy appears accepted nationally, how much of a taboo has it become in the NPP as a political party?
People are talking today because perhaps this recent attack had led to the death of a guru of the party. Perhaps,  others would equally attract the attention of the public only when they lose their lives. But should that be the case?
Moments after the National Delegates Conference, one Ibrahim Atuluk, a young man suspected to be close to Mr.  Paul Afoko was nearly killed for his role in the election of Mr. Afoko as Chairman of the NPP. His case did not receive much publicity because he did not have weight as chairman Mahama. 
Not only him, Mr. Michael Ampong, a former key member of the communications unit of the NPP during the 2012 elections was attacked. We were just lucky his case did not result in his death.
But, what is the cause of all of these?  Obviously, some members of the NPP, obsessed with the desire to win power, have refused to see reason from outside the party and even within the party.  No other voice of dissent makes sense to the leader and flagbearer of the party. 
The likes of Dr. Arthur Kennedy, Dr. Nyaho Nyaho Tamaklo, Michael Ampong, Dr. Charles Ives Wereko Brobbey, who dissented the populace views of the NPP have come under attacks for speaking what they saw as ills of the party that would push the NPP further into opposition making things difficult for them to come back to power.
Children who could not imagine how the NPP was founded could come out with open insults and statement on these individuals making these men appear useless before the party.
May be, the NPP has not seen the dangers the party is being plunged into with these acts of intolerance.
One would be left in no doubt to assume that the long standing "all die be die' mantra that Nana Addo subtly apologized for is really being given meaning. I cannot imagine how acid could be poured on a fellow party member of no mean repute as a regional chairman.
We must begin taking lessons as a people. This could be a dress rehearsal for what is in stock for this country as we prepare for the polls next year. I cannot imagine what they would not do to anyone who does not share in their tradition if they could do this to themselves.
Leadership in the NPP has broken down. I am tempted to conclude that the leader of the NPP,  Nana Akufo-Addo  has failed to show leadership in the NPP. These attacks would have been prevented from getting here if he had stepped his foot long ago to call to order acts of hooliganism in the party.
History has it, that, he is the only leader of a political party who had ever lived close to a party headquarters. Yet, same history contains a fact that he is the only leader who has failed to call party supporters to order. His lack of boldness to take the bull by the horn to deal with miscreants in the NPP has brought the party to where it is today. He must take the blame and shoulder the effects thereof.
Instead of living within this country to put his party in order, he finds delight in tours across the world, issuing statements to congratulate presidents  and condemning attacks in other countries, while turning a blind eye at what is happening right under his nose.
It would be a great blunder for the NPP and Nana Addo to think that the energy situation in the country is a panacea to his winning the 2016 elections. It would do him and the party a lot of good to pause and ask themselves if Ghanaians would opt for security over chaos. How can one imagine that a presidential candidate who cannot put his party in order and show leadership can lead this country? That how on earth could Ghanaians close their eyes to elect a flagbearer who turns a blind eye on day light criminality resulting in the killing of his fellow party man?
Has the NPP paused to ask itself how the Ghanaian would pretend not to see the dodging of Nana Addo from condemning an act that every well meaning member of the party even from the grassroots are condemning? That a statement calling on party members to remain calm while they mourn with the family can be equated to condemnation?
It is obvious Nana Addo has lost it at this stage and it would be better he re-defines what he really stand for in life.
This is a man  who had always been projected as a human rights activist. In all my adult life since I started following developments in this country, not once have I read of him standing and holding brief for anyone assaulted in this country apart from that which goes against him.
Interests in politics are taking much more positions over the general good of our society. It is becoming clear that the NPP has given up any reasoning that runs counter to that of what a click in the party have agreed on pushing.
In my conversation with some NPP folks over the past week, it was clear to me that all they care about is power. Nothing else matters. They failed to realize that the core of the NPP cannot produce 45 percent of total  votes to the party let alone the much needed 50 percent plus one. Every political party intending to win elections in this country must think of how to brand the party to look appealing to the floating voters. The NPP in its current state, if I should borrow the words of Matthew Opoku Prempeh  that  "only uneducated men and women would vote for the NDC", what category of people would he tell me would vote for the NPP in this state over the NDC?
I am totally scandalized,  that we have an opposition, that,  instead of holding the to check and giving meaning go democracy, have adopted internal attacks, insults and now killing as a tool to protect internal party interests.
Let us mould this democracy. It might not be the best, but it remains the best so far among the rest. Just as we speak to condemn others, let us condemn ourselves when we go wrong. Just as we can express our opinions and expect to be safe, let others not feel threatened for speaking their opinions. God bless our homeland Ghana. 
Written by:
Stephen Kwabena Attuh