Ransford Tetteh Okai, Former Security Aide to Akuffo Addo writes:

 "Although I empathize with the suspended leaders of our party, I would not hesitate blaming some of them for what we seeing especially Sammy Crabbe and Mr Ayikoi Out. I used to be one of the close security operatives working at the office and residence of Nana Addo and went through a lot as a close security confidant of the man and later as one in charge of his travels. This open hatred for some particular ethnic groups started showing up years ago and some of us had to defy all odds to fight against such negatives. At meetings with his Akan friends Nana Addo used very insulting and unprintable adjectives when referring to our Ga,Ewe and Northern leaders in the Party. I reported this development to Mr Ayikoi Otu,Sammy Crabbe and Naa Torshie. This trend began to affect the cordial relationship which existed between his security team leading to a serious brawl between two of the security guys right at the Taxi rank in front of Nana's Nima Residence. The Akan guys were asked to trail us and to make sure they monitor conversation between our group and some party executives. I also complained to Victor Newman and Amfo about an assignment given us by Gabby Otchere Darko to eliminate certain persons using some armed robbers. A guy was brought from the United States with sophisticated weapons to aid us in this dangerous operations. I was directed to link the information to Madam Rose Atinka at the police headquarters but we realized later that they had some police chiefs supporting their agenda which made the move to expose them difficult.

Meetings organized inside the residence of Nana designed to finish persons perceived to be anti-Nana were linked to Crabbe and others but they slept over it instead, they started making incursions to repair the damaged relationship which threatened our existence inside the Nima Residence. Nana openly attacked one Northern Chief which was recorded and sent to the chief through his son who worked at the Cedi House, plans to render Bawumia useless to neutralize any effort of taking over was hatched and one of my trusted allies within the security set up Ofori linked the information to Karbo and Bawumia personally. My suspicion of Nana as a dangerous person reached the crescendo when one Nana Kwame was attacked at the headquarters. The guy was one of the faithfuls we had worked with in 2008 so was shocked when I got the hint from my colleagues that Nana had endorsed the beating of the young man. At the hospital to visit some of the guys who suffered beatings, Nana said jumping into his car that " it serves you better" I was shocked hearing the man I respected so much say this to himself after seeing how the guys have been brutalized.
We adopted a strategy, changing security detail at the Nina base and his East Legon residence and the main motive was to unleash brutal treatment on some persons who stay close to his residence and are known NDC sympathizers. This nearly brought us into serious confrontation with operatives of National Security it took the intervention of one Enoch Debrah a known. Cocaine baron to end the feud.
I was denied what was promised me by Amfo and Nana himself which was to support my education, severally, I reminded his wife of my problem because of our Ga connection but the woman's responses suggested that she was just there as a woman to comfort her master and nothing else. I decided finally to stop serving the man and reported my intention to Samuel Jinapor who unfortunately had also become a target inside the base. I was invited to the residence of one respected party leader and before his daughter who was my mate at Labone secondary school, advised me to leave the residence of Nana Addo before anything on toward happens. I took his advise and adhered to it. I wrote formally to Nana's aid then Hamid that I was off to pursue something different. I was invited to meet Nana and to my surprise, he didn't touch on the main issue,but attacked my Ga lineage referring to Gas as lazy people who always cherish easy life. I left the residence disappointed but happy, happy because I saw more dangerous development coming up knowing the over ambitious determination to win political power among his peers and himself. The whole issue ended with a scuffle involving myself and Gabby in front of the daily guide office and I know he will never forget what he went through"