About National Democratic Congress

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is the largest  party in Ghana and a member of the Socialist International body which shares common principles and values with Socialist International on Freedom, Justice, Solidarity, Democracy, Human Rights and the prevailing of  Peace in the world.

The National Democratic Congress was registered in July 1992 as a political party.

The Founding Father of the party is Ex. President Jerry John Rawlings. Upon his vision and leadership the party was established based on the principles of Truth and Integrity as well as on Transparency, Probity and Accountability for both the NDC and Ghana.
MOTTO: Unity, Stability and Development
SYMBOL: Akatamanso ( Umbrella )
                   Arise, Arise for Ghana
                   Ye Patriots Of The Land
                    Towards Secure Future
                    Development Our Goal
                    From Victory Unto Victory
                    The NDC Shall Lead
                     A Stable Democracy, Ghana
                     Our Strength In Unity
                     From Victoy Unto Victory
                     The NDC Shall Lead
                     A stable Democracy, Ghana
                     Our Strength In Unity
 The NDC Vision