6 Political parties have offices in VR

 Electoral Commissioner, Mrs Charlotte Osei

Only six political parties out of the 26 have regional offices in the Volta Region.

Information gathered by the Ghana News Agency (GNA) revealed that the parties are the National Democratic Congress, the New Patriotic Party, the Convention People’s Party, the Progressive People’s Party, the National Democratic Party and the All People’s Congress.
The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is operating from a gated house, which appears like a residential apartment, from which Perpetual Dzedua, the Secretary, emerged to meet the GNA on the porch.
She explained that it was a temporary office the party had been using for the past 10 months, saying they would soon move to permanent offices.
The GNA met the Director of Administration, Mr Charles Gadotor, and a driver, Mr Simon Fetor, at the office of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) which was noticeably under renovation.
Mr Gadotor said the office opened at 0800 hours and closed at 1700 hours on ordinary days, but operated for longer hours on busy days.
The GNA met the Volta Regional Chairman, Mr Thomas Ntumy, and the Office Manager of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Mr Ben Tenu, at the party’s regional office which they said opened every day at 0730 hours.
The Progressive People’s Party Regional Office was not opened as of 1006 hours when the GNA got there.
When contacted by phone through a telephone number conspicuously displayed on the building, the Volta Regional Secretary, Mr Forster Segbe, said the office was supposed to be opened.
He later called to say the permanent secretary and the driver were out buying food at the time the GNA called.
The National Democratic Party’s (NDP’s) office was closed as of 10:35 a. m.  The building houses both the Regional and the Ho-Central Constituency offices.
The All People’s Congress’ (APC) offices were also closed when the GNA got there at 10:40 a.m.  A shop owner next door said they normally opened later in the day.
EC under stress
The Electoral Assistant at the Ho Municipal Office of the Electoral Commission (EC), Mr Wisdom Alai, told the GNA his office went through a lot of stress trying to locate party officials for official interactions.