Let’s encourage Mahama; he’s doing a good job – Chief Dele

Mahama Meets Chief Dele Momodu Nigerian politician and a self-confessed lover of Ghana, Chief Momodu Dele has endorsed President John Mahama’s leadership style, praising him for the infrastructural development in the country. 

President Mahama in his State of the Nations Address stated that the country’s 4 billion cedis annual funding gap can effectively tackle Ghana’s infrastructural challenges. 
Chief Dele believes unlike the Mahama administration, many African leaders have failed their people. 
Speaking on 3FM’s Sunrise Morning Show, Chief Dele commended President Mahama for his foresight. 
“What I love about Ghana first, is the beauty of Ghana and I like a nation that is forward looking and forward thinking and where the infrastructure is solid. 
“If you ask me one of the biggest problems Buhari is going to face in Nigeria is the lack of infrastructure. 
“Electricity is not working and the roads are bad because he has invested a lot in terms of infrastructure whereas since I started coming to Ghana 21 years ago I have seen a consistent performance by Ghanaian leaders to build a nation that will compete with Europe, America and Asia. 
“In the last three years of President Mahama’s term I have been enthralled and I’m forced to ask how he gets funding to do what he’s doing at the airport. 
“If you haven’t been to the airport in the last two months and you go there today, you will be shocked at what you find and compared to what I have seen elsewhere, I will say kudos to Mahama on that. 
“If you talk about roads, I am able to drive my car around Ghana without worrying so much about poor roads that can destroy those cars. 
“I went to circle the other day after two years and I couldn’t believe the level of work going on there so those are some of the things we need to look out for. 
“We must encourage good people to do better and we must encourage the President to do better because I am a businessman and I know what it takes to build but it’s easy to destroy. 
“A prophet is never honoured at home but I am telling you that you can never know better than a man on the hot seat. “Ghana is doing very well today and of course we can do better and there is no doubt about that but within the resources available to Ghana, I am very impressed”.