The past week ended on a sad note amidst the media gang against the president. While some mourn with His Excellency, others were busily prosecuting a well orchestrated scheme intended to chip into the solid character of the president. 

Justifiably so, for those who are pursuing an inordinate political ambition who saw this as an opportunity to launch themselves into the hearts of the people who have long set them aside from the most important job of the land. 

I am scandalized at the forceful nature with which some media houses have adopted this matter that was supposed to have been dead on arrival especially immediately after the Communication's Minister had spoken on the matter.

It leaves one thing to me as a media watcher. The National Democratic Congress (NDC) and its government must learn from the Kufour regime. I hope we have noticed how the NDC supposed media were refused government of the Ghana advertisements?

I am not saying, especially, as a friend of the media, that we must discriminate against any media house. The reality is that, even under the NDC government, the supposed NDC media houses; those we rely on during crises, are being denied advert placement by the government of Ghana.

If I may ask, when do we intend to see the media houses sympathetic to this government and party being empowered? Do we prefer to see that in opposition in the future? 

I say this because, the NDC will not be in government forever. Cumulatively, we had some 19 years in the past which got ended at a point sending us into opposition for 8 solid years.

If we do not take care, media houses inclined towards the NDC would have it even more tougher under an NPP government when the NDC eventually steps into opposition in the future.

It is not a wrong practice to have media houses that are political. Indeed, media houses have also been the propaganda tools for political movements from ancient days. We must do what needed to be done now.

We cannot pretend to have friends who would not hesitate to bite us. As I have come to accept, the more you play with your enemy and the more he laughs, the more you must fear. Because the wider the enemy opens the mouth to laugh, the more deeper he will bite when he decides to bite.

The media houses that have always stood for us in our times of pain must be those whom we need not deny in our times of joy. Just as government of Ghana advertisements are placed in known NPP media houses, do same for those known to be for the NDC. After all, they are also Ghanaians deserving of the flowers of the Ghanaian government.

I am quite sure issues surrounding this saga have been laid to rest. Indeed, we know what happened to the said vehicle. We know that the said contract alleged to have been awarded through the interference of the president was not true. What the reality is was that, the contract was an EU funded project and was handled by them.

The other supposed $80 million contract the president was supposed to have single handedly handed to the said contractor on sole source basis has also proven to be a lie. The contract is undergoing competitive tendering. Indeed, all was made up, and ought to be dismissed upfront, but for reasons best known to those pushing.

What am I hearing from the opposition leader? You see, we have gone past the era when government establishes committees to look into issues and recommend only for the recommendations to be ignored without sufficient grounds.

Indeed, typically, was the committee established by the then NPP government to look into, and advise on the way forward for the name and duration of Secondary Schools. After the committee was done with its report, it recommended that the 3-year duration be maintained and added that what was needed was the relevant infrastructure and logistical investments to make the period effective.

The then NPP government refused the recommendations, set it aside, and went ahead to change the name from Secondary School to Senior High School, extended the duration from 3 years to 4 years without any investment to contain the additional one year students were expected to stay in school.

It took the Mills/Mahama administration to address the situation that almost turned a crises on our hands. Dormitories, classrooms, dinning halls, assembly halls were virtually inadequate. Mills/Mahama came to address it.

It was in the same spirit that the conversion of Polytechnics into Technical Universities was addressed. The committee of experts developed some key criteria they used to assess the readiness of these polytechnics for conversion. What would have been government's interest in this? But because they meant well for the people of Ghana.

If we want to assess the effectiveness of committees and the commitment of government, the Government of today should be building about 20 colleges of education by now as is doing with the Community Day Schools.

The committee recommended that instead of building these colleges of education promised while existing ones have spaces that could admit the excess, especially that they have gained tertiary status but challenged based on the quota system, the recommendation was to take off the allowances that brought about the quota system and then open the schools up. We can all attest to the fact that colleges of education today are admitting than before.

That is the reality. The promises of Akufo-Addo clearly establishes another rush in fulfilling promises because they were made on campaign platforms. That is if only they would want to fulfil them. The people of Ghana are smarter than this. We saw the ill-informed decisions under the NPP where policies were rushed before they were thought through. NHIS was a test case. Am sure an opportunity would come for some of these to be thoroughly interrogated.

.......to be continued....


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