Ken Agyapong’s claims make us question how he became MP - Dwamena Aboagye

Angela Dwamena Aboagye1Executive Director of the Ark Foundation has said recent comments by Member of Parliament for Assin North about Chairman of the Electoral Commission casts doubts on how he came to hold the office he occupies.

Angela Dwamena Aboagye said Kennedy Agyapong’s comments suggesting Mrs Charlotte Osei traded sexual favours for her position, are unacceptable for a Member of Parliament.
Speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, the lawyer said, “This person is supposed to be an honourable MP and consistently he comes up with statements, rantings and ravings that make us question how he got there in the first place.”
“He may have his policies and he may disagree with people on their policies and on their programmes and what they think about this subject or the other but he has no right,” she added, to call anyone names.
The NPP MP, who is noted for making inflammatory comments has come under a barrage of criticism for the comments.
The People’s National Congress for instance has described it as needless especially from a member of Ghana’s legislature.
Angela Dwamena Aboagye is of the view that such comments undermine the dignity of women.
“People are working to ensure that women are dignified and then somebody comes up who is supposed to be a leader and in a few sentences destroys all the work that has been done in the past…no it is wrong, it is totally wrong.”
“Sometimes you think you would have moved 20 steps forward only for one person or someone to move you 100 steps backwards.”
The notion that women in positions of power got there trading sex is disrespectful to them, their capabilities and intelligence, she said.
She indicated that women can also be partners in national development and it is a right no one can take from them.
“There is nothing wrong with debate, there is nothing wrong with disagreement or if you oppose someone’s views but to take them and shred them into pieces and call their character into question is despicable,” she stressed.
She said everyone has a skeleton in their closet when it comes to morality but no one has the right to speak publicly about another person in that manner.
“Were we all speaking like that, what kind of country will we have, what kind of democracy will we have,” he queeried.
Angela said she is expecting the NPP, leadership of parliament, other leaders in the country to make a clear statement about the development.
“We are trying to model a way for younger women to know that they are also capable of getting to those places and then in a statement or two someone tears it all apart, no it is not right, we can’t have that,” she said.
She urged the EC chair to ignore the comments of the MP and any other person who seeks to attack her wrongfully and concentrate on her job.
“Ghanaians are looking up to her to deliver a credible free and fair elections, she should concentrate on that and leave the rest to society.”