Shame on Nkrumah critics - Mahama

Shame Mahama Groups and individuals, who antagonised Ghana’s first president over certain projects he embarked upon, would have asked for forgiveness if they were alive to witness the fruitfulness of those projects currently, President John Mahama has said.

“Dr Kwame Nkrumah built the Akosombo Dam, but at the time he was accused in investing in ostentatious white elephant projects. If those, who criticised him look back, I am sure that they will apologise to President Nkrumah for what they did,” Mr Mahama stated.

He continued: “They said the motorway was a white elephant, but today go and see, the motorway has become like an ordinary road and if the motorway was not there, I do not know how we will commute between Accra and Tema”.

Mr Mahama expressed qualms about groups, who criticise projects without any basis and fail to recognise the positive aspects of development projects undertaken to develop the country. “There is a group in society, who makes it their duty to criticise development that takes place.”

Relating it to projects that are being undertaken by the current National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr Mahama urged citizens to appreciate the benefits of social interventions and avoid pessimism.

Mr Mahama made these comments in Wa on Friday July 8, on his ‘Accounting to the People Tour’ in the Upper West Region.

He also told a gathering of Christian spiritual leaders that government has set the country on a path of prosperity, but added that the problems confronting Ghana will require sufficient time to get resolved.