A discredited EC is recipe for disaster - Charlotte Osei

Charlotte Osei Fffff The Chairperson of the Electoral Commission says the 2016 election will be one of the best in the history of country's democracy but has cautioned against attempts by the media and politicians to discredit the commission.

Speaking at a workshop organised by the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping training Centre, Mrs Charlotte Osei minced no words in chiding the media for media reports she said were aimed at tarnishing her reputation and that of the Commission.
"A discredited EC is a recipe for disaster," she opined at the workshop attended by editors and senior journalists, and some security experts and officials.
The theme for the workshop is: "Towards a peaceful elections: Reporting on elections and security in 2016."
While acknowledging the mediating role of the media in providing space for politicians to make their visions known as well as informing and educating the electorates on policies, Mrs Charlotte Osei, observed, rather worryingly, that the media has allowed its platforms to be abused, especially by politicians.
She said having organised credible elections for 24 years, Ghana's EC must have attained an expert position and should have been trusted to organise a credible election.
But that is not the case, she stated. "Paradoxically no amount of years of performance is enough for the EC to be trusted" she maintained.