The victory of the NPP is coming again!

And the people say, ehe  dzɔ bɔdɔɔɔɔ!

Could I be confused on this song? Hahahahaa! Nope! I am very clear in my mind on what I am writing. You know, over the years, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) had always claimed victory ahead of every election until the results are declared. In the end, it is the NDC members that jubilate after results are declared. So once again, their victory is coming again until they are declared losers of the elections.

The signs are clear. I am tempted to even say they are not ready for the elections yet. They have not finished working on the voters register yet. Indeed, their quest to disenfranchise people is not misplaced.

Over the the years, that group had never believed that votes must be equal. They have never understood why a kayaye's vote must equal that of the flagbearer of their party. However, the practice of democracy is not at their beck. 

That is the beauty of the democracy we have chosen to endure. A system that must eventually benefit the less privileged in society.

The result is that, there is the believe that once issues have become clear to the citizens, they are able to make choices that would better meet their desires and aspirations. The power to impose would have been taken away from the few who naturally would be pursuing their exclusive interests.

To this end, in the advancement of such democracies, issues must be tabled, tailored and the people allowed to make informed choices.

In delivering on that, government must ensure governance is decentralised. Information must be easily accessible by all to enable some level of analysis from the people on what governance is about and the benefits of governance thereof.

So today, if I hear a huge library opened in the Upper West Region with a sitting capacity of 1,500, it must be of greater joy to me. It is not for nothing that government had invested heavily in the telecommunications sector by laying  fibre optic cables all the way to the north. 

What would have been the use of a library of the capacity commissioned without adequate access to internet facilities? This is how government is deliberately opening up the country and making the power to own information much crystalized.

Yes, the people of Ghana need to be informed. Yes, even as they see the works of government, one cannot belittle the fact that we cannot be everywhere at the same time. There are those who, since arriving in the city years ago, have not visited their communities, and for that matter, cannot tell what is happening in their respective communities.

I have read a statement from a group of citizens from the Upper East Region chronicling some significant projects in their region. Not too long ago, they issued a statement calling on the president to intervene in the poor nature of the Bolga-Bawku road.

Gathering from them, it is certain that the tour of the region by the president on Monday would result in the sod cutting at Tilli for the construction of that road. This is what governance is about - attending to the needs of the people.

Yes, every government construct roads, build schools, provide water, build hospitals, and does other things governments are required to do. However, we can only measure governments with the quantum and quality of works done in what "every government does". 

You don't continue that cliché of every government build schools when in your entire 8 years, you did not take steps to add one secondary school onto the national stock. Population had not remained static throughout your 8 years. But you failed for 8 years to make plans for the future. You cannot pretend not to see and appreciate a government which under 4 years, is building 123 brand new Community Senior High Schools with each having 24 classrooms, a general science lab, physics lab, chemistry lab, biology lab, a library, a computer lab, washrooms, 8 teacher common rooms, headmaster's office among others.

Funny enough, they are the elites who should appreciate the investment of government in the aviation sector. They are those who have always cherished their class system in their ability to fly from one destination to the other. Why are they not appreciating the investments? As we speak, this year's Hajj pilgrims from the northern sector would be air-lifted directly from the Tamale International Airport. This could not be a negative development? 

As a matter of fact, their flagbearer and running mate who comes from the North would be able to fly directly into the Northern Region, cutting down traveling time to be able to campaign to contest elections. That cannot be a negative development.

Aside building good roads from the southern sector to the northern sector with regards to the Eastern Corridor Road, by the time the projects are completed, those who wish to fly from Ho to Tamale could do so without much difficulty when the Ho airport is completed. Anyone who wish to come to Ho from the north would not have to land at Kotoka and then continue the rest of the journey by road. One could fly from Tamale directly to Ho. The country is being opened up by a president with vision.

Then I read one funny argument which I did respond to appropriately. The new phrase by the president is 'soft commissioning". This appears alien to them. One of them actually wrote on a joint WhatsApp platform that the president was commissioning structures without fittings. In response, I told him, "If the NPP had such structures to capture, they would have spared the monkeys!" 

We have a superior message. We have a solid record that should make this campaign easier for us. Let's all join the train. Let us propagate the message. Let us get the people informed. We have not made Ghana heaven, but, we have made Ghana better than what the alternative would have been. 

..........to be continued.......