The Team Of Popular Youth (TOPY) Contributes Peace Message Towards Supreme Court Verdict

 As part of our contribution to the peace of Mother Ghana as it traverse a new terrain in our democratic dispensation where the Supreme Court of the land is called upon to determine the authenticity of the elected president, we shall be grateful if the following message is given your kind consideration for publication in our esteem media.

We believe that as a youth group with a large following, we owe it to Mother Ghana an obligation to touch the hearts of the youth of this country to uphold and preserve the peace and harmony of the nation above all other considerations in the times ahead of us.

The video clip could be downloaded from the Youtube link below, as well as the attached audio bite.



Thank you.


Long Live The Supreme Court of Ghana

Long Live Ghana

Long Live The Team Of Popular Youth (TOPY)


By Marcus Garvin Adampah

President – Team Of Popular Youth


Email: marcadampah@yahoo.com Website: www.topygh.org